ESEI is a research and advocacy nonprofit for novel and contemporary learning methodologies in today's schools and educational programs. We are a collaboration of professors, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, technologists, teachers, graduate students, parents, and educational advocates that are working to improve and modernize today's academic practices. 


To increase and improve energy education, environmental awareness, technology-enhanced learning, and media arts programs in today's education systems.

Informational video from our 2011 Pepsi Refresh Grant Recipient Competition.

ESEI is using modern learning design to enhance student-centered educational theory and practice through a socio-technological approach. We are working hard to promote current educational needs and conditions that will enhance today's curriculum and instruction practices.

We believe that we must reject the one size fits all educational solutions; rather, we must help each student learn at his or her own pace. Academia needs to create education programs that are enhanced for better instruction and that are more engaging for our students.