ESEI believes that todays learning technologies give us the means to work smarter and learn more effectively. Schools have not always been able to keep pace with unrelenting progress. Too often, new digital devices are employed without any adaption in new approaches to learning.

We are working hard to employ a creative, innovative, and secure learning and research organization. Our model generates educators, researchers, and technologists who will continue to work together to find best practices for learning by wholly utilizing and fully realizing the benefits of todays learning tools and preparation needs for modernized education.


- My Three Sisters Literacy Initiative with ESEI

- Energy and Sciences Academy development​ ​​

- Energy and Sciences Education products development.

- Teacher Action Research for Gifted Digital Classrooms

- Teacher Action Research for Digital Leadership Models

- Membership Development and Awareness Promotional Project

- Teacher Action Research for the integration of engineering through problem-based learning in Elementary Classrooms

- Peer-learning research study for Energy, Environment, and Technology Program

- Energy and Sciences Pepsi Refresh Project​
- Adventure-based learning research project