ESEI will foster academic and cognitive growth without sacrificing individuality by creating a learning culture that provides students with the skills conducive to his or her success. We have high expectations because we want students to realize their full potentials. We will work to create safe environments where students will be free to take risks and make choices without fear of failure. Students must take an active role in their academic growth. This high-quality learning environment will be accomplished by utilizing curriculum-enhancing technology, digital learning, joint goal setting models, and individual contracting practices.

ESEIs planners and researchers recognize that learners individual characteristics and histories influence their cognition. ESEI will construct learning communities where learning is constantly transferred and where information is selected by the learner in accordance with his/her motivation, prior knowledge, and current needs. ESEI wants instructors to be empathetic people who guide their students in the process of discovering self. Their task will be clear: They must prepare students to make good choices that will allow growth academically, socially, and personally.