Todays schools focus on English, mathematics, history, and science literacy as core elements of the learning program. ESEI recognizes the urgent need for the next generation to understand the environmental difficulties facing the world and is committed to eco-literacy in its mission and curriculum. Failure to educate todays youth about eco-literacy will seriously jeopardize community understanding of the problems and possible solutions for achieving ecological sustainability. Such failure will in turn make the task of government and environmental agencies increasingly difficult.

There are both theoretical and practical reasons for establishing eco-literacy. Although curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated, and despite the myriad changes and additions that have occurred over the past two decades, nowhere is there a focus on the lifestyles required to reduce our impact on the earth and to live sustainably (Louv, 2005). The sustainability and environmental message ESEI will offer to our communities and young learners is that everyone has to significantly reduce our resource use if we are to have a sustainable future.